National Awareness Days

If you are responsible for pulling together content, marketing and social activity then you might be interested in exploring National Awareness Days as they make an ideal marketing tool for your business.  

Awareness days are often set up to highlight a specific issue, to bring communities together, or to raise funds for a charity and as many are food and drink related, they can provide valuable inspiration for your marketing content. 

Making use of Awareness Days

Here is a listing of all the foodie related days/weeks/months for 2021 and as you can see there are plenty to choose from!  (a word of advice here: this listing includes UK and non-UK days so choose the best fit for your business).

Because these days are planned so long in advance, they can be slotted into your marketing calendar and content planned around them way ahead of time.  

The idea is to use the day to engage in online conversation, so avoid just a listing in marketing material or linking to it online. Show how your brand can add value, by providing a solution to a problem, rather than using the day as a sales pitch.  

World Whisky DayFor example, a whisky supplier could support World Whisky Day 15 MBritish Tomato Fortnightay with recipes for whisky cocktails or offer advice on choosing the correct glassware for enjoying one of the nation’s favourite tipples.

Or, for British Tomato Week 29 May – 6 June a local farm shop could have in-store tastings and cook-offs to celebrate the great British tomato as a summer picnic essential.    

Don’t forget that each awareness day will usually have an associated hashtag so add these in your Instagram and Twitter posts to help amplify the message. Using the hashtags will also enable people to find and connect with you, thereby building your audience too. 

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